Wanted Sanitisation Tunnel For Corona Near AddisAbaba Ethiopia

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Wanted Sanitisation Tunnel For Corona near AddisAbaba Ethiopia

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The key Features of Sanitisation Tunnel For Corona are;


> 360 degree fogging

> high pressure pump

> SS 304 body with FRP  / optional SS 304 BODY / ALU PROFILE

> Timer OF NOZZEL - 2 SECOND TO 15 SEC         



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Wanted Sanitisation Tunnel For Corona near AddisAbaba Ethiopia

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Wanted Sanitisation Tunnel For Corona near AddisAbaba Ethiopia

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Sanitisation Tunnel

> WITH TANK > PORTABLE DEVICE > OPTIONAL SHOE SANITISER UNIT > 8 Nozzel > 4x4x8 Dimension (customised As Per Requirement)           > Sensor Driven WITH CUSTOMISED DISTANCE    > Standard Fittings >  LOW POWER CONSUMPTION >  OPTIONAL HEAD SPREAY UNIT > 360 Degree Fogging > High Pressure Pump > SS 304 Body With FRP  / Optional SS 304 BODY / ALU PROFILE   &nb... Read more